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Message on Hold services

Auto Attendant messages

Emcee Services

Commercial Voice overs

Script writing

Commercial Production

Where most creative agencies deal with messages that advertise your business over local broadcast and cable facilities, “MOORE VOICES” concentrates on your very own, in house media... the telephone! Our hold messages will make sure that your clients only hear your message.


Think about it.  Nobody wants to put a customer on hold, but sometimes you just have to.  What does that customer do while they’re on hold?  Do they hear a sometimes deafening silence, listen to sleepy “elevator” music, or is there a chance they’re hearing your competition’s commercial on a local radio station?  With “MOORE VOICES” you can inform and entertain your clients while they’re waiting for your personalized service.  Let them know about this week’s specials... Update them on the monthly meeting schedule... or tell them what information they’ll need to have ready when you return to the phone.  With “MOORE VOICES” you tailor the message the way that you want it.  Best of all, this message will be uniquely yours... there’s no chance that your competitor’s message will sneak into your phone system!  A message on hold from “MOORE VOICES” can be an integral part of your businesses marketing mix!

Quality... It makes all the difference

“MOORE VOICES” utilizes a digital production and editing studio so you get the highest quality phone hold message possible.  The music used is completely licensed, so you won’t have to worry about rights fees or royalties.  We can even use your businesses custom jingle, or include your current radio commercial!


And “MOORE VOICES” utilizes the writing and announcing talent of Scott Moore, the voice of Michigan State University Hockey as well as radio and television commercials nationwide.  Moore is a five time Addy award winning television and radio writer / producer, and has 28 years of broadcasting experience in both Radio and Television in Lansing, Michigan.

So... what are the details?

“MOORE VOICES” message on hold service will create the number of messages you want, at an affordable price.  Messages of four minutes in duration can be updated as frequently as weekly, or as infrequently as annually, while billing can be done either all at once or on a monthly basis.  For pricing details, see the enclosed price structure sheet.


Price includes 30 minutes of script writing per update.  All scripts will be written upon receipt of a signed contract.  More involved scriptwriting and production will be subject to additional charges.


Custom auto attendant messages can also be scripted and produced for an additional charge.  

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